Blithe Hollow, Massachusetts is the home town of Norman Babcock and most of his family and friends. It's a small town, famous for the curse of a witch, which they celebrate every year with effigies of a stereotypical witch.

Town history

Not much is known about the actual foundation of the town, but it is known that during the early 1700's the local Judge sentenced a suspected witch named Agatha to death by hanging. The witch in anger cursed those who judged her and the rest of the town. After her hanging, she was buried under a tree outside of town.

Notable families


The Prenderghast half of the family is known for having apparently "crazy" or just "delusional" family members that can talk with spirits. Not every one in the family gains the ability but those who do are usually made to be social outcast by it. Agatha's ability to communicate with ghost is what had her accused of witchcraft and hung. Mr. Prenderghast, before his death, was considered the town loony;he was also the uncle of Norman's mother Sandra, who the ability skipped. Due to Sandra marrying Perry Babcock, the ability has since become apart of the Babcock family, with Norman being the first Babcock to see and speak with the dead and Courtney being a possible carrier of the ability.


The only two members of this family shown are Neil and Mitch, but they come from a larger family. Neil stands out as being Norman's first living friend and one of the people who along, with his brother Mitch, help Norman save the town from Agatha's wrath. The Downe family is shown to be Red headed with freckles and pale skin.


  • Those who carry the ability also have roughly shaped eyes, unlike normal people who have roundly shaped eyes.