Eben Hardwick
Name: Eben Hardwick
Gender: Male
Race: Human (formerly)
Age: 35 (in the human form)
335 (actually, in the ghost form)
Hometown: Blithe Hollow, Massachusetts, USA
Family: Unknown
Status: Deceased
Portrayal: Unknown
Appeared in: Paranorman

Eben Hardwick was one of the seven Puritans who accused Agatha Prenderghast of witchcraft and subsequently among the seven Puritans who were brought back from the grave as zombies. He was a preacher and lecturer in life.


Eben was a Puritan in Blithe Hollow, Massachusetts, and was a preacher in life. In the village, he discovered that a young girl named Agatha Prenderghast, nicknamed "Aggie", could communicate with the dead. He, along with five other townspeople, accused her of being a witch and and put her on trial before Judge Hopkins, who found her guilty of witchcraft and sentenced her to hang from the neck until death. However, Agatha cursed the seven to die and rise from the grave as zombies. In death, the seven realized the error of their ways. Her curse was delayed by someone who could also speak to the dead reading her mother's bedtime stories to her, which would prolong the curse.

Agatha's ghost awoke on the 300th anniversary of her death and conjured the seven, including Eben, as zombies. The seven tried to speak with Norman Babcock, who could speak to the dead, to ask him to stop the curse, but they were attacked by the modern day townspeople, causing them to retreat into the Town Hall, where Norman was knocked unconscious by Agatha's ghost, and he had a supernaturally-induced flashback to her trial. When he awoke, he angrily yelled at the seven for their intolerance, and the guilt-ridden judge admitted her was wrong to judge her. The judge directed Norman to Agatha's unmarked grave while Eben and the other zombies remained in the town. After Norman stops the curse, Eben crumbles away and their spirits descend into the afterlife, along with Agatha's.


  • Eben is the shortest of the zombies.
  • He seems to have one eye in zombie form, and his hat is pulled down to his nose.