Goodie Temper
was one of the seven pilgrims who accused Agatha Prenderghast of witchcraft, and thus, she was among the seven brought back as zombies in the film. Goodie was a processor of dairy products in life.


Goodie lived in Blithe Hollow, Massachusetts and was a processor of dairy products. She and the other villagers discovered young girl named Agatha Prenderghast could communicate with the dead and began to suspect she was a witch. Eventually, Goodie and Agatha's other five accusers had her put on trial and brought her before Judge Hopkins, and accused her of witchcraft because of her ability. Judge Hopkins found her guilty and sentenced her to execution. However, Agatha's ghost cursed the seven to die and rise from their graves as the living dead. After the seven died, they all realized their mistakes and spent 300 years in immense guilt over what they did.

On the 300th anniversary of Agatha's death, Agatha's ghost awoke and conjured Goodie and the rest of the seven as zombies. The seven immediately chased Norman Babcock, who could also speak to the dead, to ask him to put a stop to the curse, but they were attacked by the modern day townsfolk. They eventually escaped into the Town Hall and chased Norman again, and he was knocked unconscious after Agatha struck him with a bolt of lightning. While unconscious, he had a flashback to Agatha's trial, and after awakening he called the zombies out on what they did. The judge admitted they were wrong and directed him to Agatha's grave while Goodie and the others stayed behind. After Norman and Agatha's confrontation, Goodie and the others descended into the afterlife along with Agatha, but the seven were still evidently regretful of their actions.