Neil Downe
Neil Downe
Name: Neil Downe
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 10
Hometown: Blithe Hollow, Massachusetts, USA
Family: Mitch Downe (older brother)
Status: Alive
Portrayal: Tucker Albrizzi
Appeared in: ParaNorman

Neil Downe is a 10 year old red-haired middle schooler, younger brother of Mitch and friends with Norman. He defended Norman when Norman was teased by Alvin, as well as fend off Mr. Prenderghast when Neil feels that he's messing with Norman.

During the events of the 300th anniversary of Agatha's death, he helps Norman to stop Agatha's wrath. He is one of the few characters who actually accepts Norman's gift, with almost no question.

Neil is eccentric, friendly and rather cheery for someone in his position of being constantly bullied. He's bullied for various reason not only his chubbiness, but the fact that he has irritable bowel syndrome, he sweats when he walks fast, he get's hives when there are long division problems involved and that he has a lunch-box that has a kitten on it. Neil becomes Norman's best friend.

Neil often pauses his mother's exercise videos to stare at the women in a bent over position on the screen.



  • He (along with Norman, Salma, and Alvin) have the same science teacher named Mr. Feynman.


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