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ParaNorman: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack includes the scores from the film. All of the scores are composed by Jon Brion.

Track Listing

  1. Zombie Attacks in the Eighties
  2. Norman at the Piano/ Main Title 
  3. Norman's Walk
  4. Alvin Attacks
  5. Enter Neil/ Mr. P / Ghost Walk / Ghost Dog
  6. Goodbye Mr. P/ Historic Drama / Grounded / Heavy Visitation
  7. Alvin Again / Scary Bedroom
  8. Norman Tries to Keep it Cool / Grandma's Got Your Back
  9. Moth Rock
  10. The Dead Shall Be Raised
  11. Zombies Attack
  12. People Attack
  13. Are We There Yet?
  14. Aggie Fights
  15. Resolution
  16. Oh, and One More Thing 

Other Tracks

Below is a list of songs/tracks used in the film but aren't included in the soundtrack. 

  1. Little Ghost by The White Stripes (played in the end credits)
  2. Fix Up, Look Sharp by Dizzee Rascal (played on Alvin's boombox)
  3. Minuetto/Minuet by Arturo Chaney (original piece by Luigi Boccherini, played in Salma's room)
  4. Na Na Na by Dennis Winslow and Ronn L. Chick
  5. "Halloween" Theme by John Carpenter (played as Norman's ringtone)
  6.  Season of the Witch by Donovan (played in the trailers)
  7.  All Out of Love by Clive Davis and Graham Russell


  • Track 14 (Aggie Fights) wasn't used in the film. Instead the film version is much more battled-themed. It could be that this was the original track intended to be put in the film.