Perry Babcock
Name: Perry Babcock
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 49
Hometown: Blithe Hollow, Massachusetts, USA
Family: Sandra Babcock (wife)
Courtney Babcock (older daughter)
Grandpa Babcock (father; deceased)
Norman Babcock (younger son)
Grandma Babcock (mother; deceased)
Aggie (ancestor-in-law/distant relative)
Aggie's mom (ancestor-in-law/distant relative)
Status: Alive
Portrayal: Jeff Garlin
Appeared in: Paranorman
Perry Babcock is the father of Norman and Courtney, as well as the husband of Sandra Babcock (neé Prenderghast).

Throughout Norman's life, Perry does not accept his son's gift to speak to the dead and constantly argues with Norman over it. Especially since Norman usually refers to Perry's mother, when speaking to Perry. He grounds Norman for having visions during a school play, which upsets him.

At the end of the movie, he finally learns to accept Norman's ability after Norman saves the town from the angry spirit of Agatha whose curse of the seven judges had been cleared, and even starts to talk to the ghost of his mother, even if he can't see her. Perry is shown to be a bit stubborn and more abrasive in his parenting method, wanting his son to be a man of sports and action. Unlike his wife, which due to this as he refuses to listen to Sandra, when she is trying to stand up for Norman by talking about the spiritual.

He is voiced by Jeff Garlin who played Murray Goldberg from The Goldbergs one year later.


  • "Stop indulging him."
  • "It's one thing being a mental case in front of your family. But not the whole Freaking town!"
  • "Please don't tell me he needs to use the bathroom..."
  • "Delinquent drivers! Where are the police when you need them?"