Sheriff Hooper


Josephine Hooper




Unknown (possibly 30+)




Deputy Dwayne

Voiced by

Tempesst Bledsoe

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Sheriff Josephine Hooper is the sheriff of Blithe Hollow.

Role in the Film

Sheriff Hooper is the town's main sheriff, and she takes her job very seriously. Although she is a sheriff, she doesn't do her job very well; like for example: she litters a Mondo Sip plastic cup into the ground and crashing her motorbike into the Babcock family's car while chasing after the van where Norman, Neil, Alvin, Courtney, and Mitch are in.

While the town is being attacked by zombies, she stops a citizen who was firing a gun and tells her that firing 'is only for the police to do'. She later appears when the all of Blithe Hollow are confronting the zombies, and she tries to shoot one, but Norman stops her just in time. Norman and the gang team up to defend the zombies and tells the townspeople that the zombies were just like them before they got cursed because they did something terribly wrong to a little girl. Realizing that they (the townspeople) are doing the same thing to the zombies, they put an end to their madness.

She later appears almost at the end, eating a bag of chips while her partner, Deputy Dwayne, says that they need to get statements. She minds her own business as she slaps Deputy Dwayne in the hand, causing him to yell "ouch, that's my fingernail!" 


  • "What do you think you're doing firing at civilians? That is for the police to do!"
  • "Sweet baby jenkins!"
  • "Pesky kids with their cellphones; burning up the ozone!"
  • "You stay right where you are! You may be dead already, but I will still shoot you!"